Not just another pizza joint

If low price is more important than great taste, then Big Island Pizza is not for you. The roasted garlic, fresh house made Italian sausage, and 100% pure olive oil we use, costs more than the powders, mystery meats, and lard the other pizza places use. But, we like to think that people who care, won’t settle for just the lowest price. They’ll consider the value of fresh local ingredients, the benefits of great taste, and the pleasure of a high quality meal.


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Customer's favorite pizza shop for a reason

Passion & Expertise

Even after almost two decades of pizza making, creating the perfect pizza is still an exciting event.

100% natural ingredients

Locally sourced produce and meats assures you of premium quality products.

customer satisfaction

If you should ever be disappionted, if we should fail you in any way or let you down for any reason - please let us know. If we can't make it right - We'll give you your money back. every penny.

Mikey & Gracie

Family Tradition

Many of our extended family have spent their summers here in Hawaii helping out at the shop. All have learned valuable life lessons, work ethics and have gone on to various successful careers.

hand-baked fresh Upon order

Neapolitan Style Pizza

One of the finest pizza ovens available, cooks your pizza to perfection. Our Mugnaini oven is fired by wood or gas and creates the perfect environment to produce true Neapolitan Pizzas. You don’t have to travel to Naples to get that authentic flavor.


Mugnaini Wood Fired Oven

“No meal is complete without a Big Island Pizza. It’s the best Pizza you will ever taste!”

Jim & Joy King Original owners


**UPDATE June 1st 2020**
To better serve Our Community and customers, we at Big Island Pizza will have limited Dine-in Seating until further notice.
– Social Distancing practice is required while in the restaurant.
– Masks are still required to enter and get service.
– We do provide our valued customers with hand sanitizers in the restaurant
–  Our Temporary business hours are Tuesday-Friday 11AM-3PM For Lunch and 5PM-7PM For Dinner.
We all need to do our share to prevent this Virus from spreading within our communities.
Please be safe out there.

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